No, this is not a wreck.  They are actually racing that close to each other.





Photo by Nik Daum

Joe Mullins' racing career has changed several times over the years.  He started racing Go-karts in 1987.  He spent the first several races following the leaders to watch their techniques and learn.  He was soon passing them and winning.  He won several track championships, 2 State championships, and 4 season championships in 2 different classes.  

In 1991 he moved to dirt track racing and began with an Econo.  He ran the Econo for one year and then felt ready to move up to the next class.

The next 6 years he ran the Super Stock division.  In 1993 he won one main event and was 4th in overall points for the season.  In 1994 he won 14 main events and was track champion.  The remaining years of running a Super Stock, he won many more main events and 2 more track championships.  His last 2 track championships, he drove for Tom Braden in the Executive Towing #9 Super Stock.

In 1995, Joe moved into the Modified division.  Some years, he was running both Super Stock and Modified.  On more than one occasion, he won main events in both classes on the same night.  Over the next 10 years in the Modified, he has been 2nd in points for the track championship several times.

In 2005, the BST Modified series was born.  Founder Joe Bellm saw a need to provide a series that could bring in higher purses for the drivers, more fans for the promoters, and more exciting racing for the fans.  The BST series has raced in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.  In 2007, the series became IMCA sanctioned.  It has proven to be a great partnership.  Joe finished 10th, 10th, and 6th in season points in the first 3 years BST ran.  Unfortunately, most of the races require driving out of state, so Joe has not been able to run many of the BST races the past couple of years. 

In 2010, he began working with Ronnie Gartrell of RLG Fabrication.  Ronnie has made a huge difference in helping Joe keep up with the new technology.  Joe feels more comfortable in the car, which has helped him stay competitive. 

Joe's wife, Sandy, is his only full-time crew member.  His friend Bryant pitches in occasionally both in the shop and at the track.  The great thing about dirt track racing is that everyone knows that Sandy is by herself when he's on the track.  If he needs help fixing the car under caution, they all run over and lend a hand.  Thanks to the many competitors who have given us parts and help over the years.  Thanks also to our sponsor Larry Haligas with Gypsum Products, Inc.  Joe is currently running a Shaw chassis and All Pro Automotive Machine and Fabrication engine. 

If you would like to help TNC Racing run for the series championship by becoming a sponsor, please contact Joe Mullins at or call 303-444-9873.